BMEN 8101 - Biomedical Digital Signal Processing

The objective of this course is to provide practical coverage of signal processing theory for analyzing real world digital signals.  In particular, the course aims to apply various signal processing algorithms for extracting desired signals from unwanted background signals.  The course will cover the fundamentals of digital signal processing that will be expanded for use with stochastic signals.  Different mathematically-derived algorithms for analysis of stochastic signals, including spectral analyses, noise cancellation, optimal filtering, and blind source separation will be presented.  Specific examples of signals used in biomedical research will be analyzed and characterized using different digital processing methods presented in this course


BMEN 5413 - Neural Decoding and Interfacing
BMEN 5920 - Neural Prosthetics

This course provides an overview of the different types of neural interface technologies currently in use in patients as well as coverage of the biophysics, neural coding, and hardware features relating to their implementation in humans. This course will primarily focus on invasive neural implants that electrically interface with the peripheral or central nervous system. Neurophysiological principles and computational modeling of neurons, current flow through tissue, and the tissue-electrode interface will be covered to understand how electrical signals and information are transmitted between the device and neurons. Practical and ethical considerations for implanting these devices into humans are also presented.


BMEN 3101 - Bioelectricity and Bioinstrumentation
Principles of electrical phenomena, instruments relevant to biomedical applications.