Hubert H. Lim, Ph.D.

Institute for Translational Neuroscience Scholar
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Director of SONIC Lab

Chief Scientific Officer

Neuromod Devices Limited - link
Dublin, Ireland

Chief Scientific Officer

SecondWave Systems - link
Minneapolis, Minnesota


The goal of the lab is to push the development and translation of neural interfaces and medical technologies from scientific concept into clinical application with close collaboration with clinicians and industry. Initial medical applications focus on treating hearing loss, tinnitus and pain. We utilize a range of invasive and noninvasive technologies and approaches including electrical stimulation, ultrasound imaging and stimulation, EEG, and invasive neural recordings in animals and humans to rapidly push technology into the clinical and consumer realm. All projects in the lab follow the translational process depicted in the schematic below. The lab consists of both animal facilities and human testing space to perform proof-of-concept experiments that can then be developed and tested in pilot human studies, followed by further scientific and translational research to achieve confirmatory clinical trials and commercialization.



The SONIC Lab is pursuing a range of neural engineering and clinical topics. Please click on the images below for further details on each project.

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Central Auditory Prostheses

Neural Beamforming for Tinnitus

Enhanced Hearing Aid in Humans







Neuromodulation of Inflammation and the Immune System

Ultrasound Modulation of Brain and Nerves

New Hearing Technologies






Encoding-Decoding Neural Activity of the Auditory System

Mapping Cross-Sensory Coding of the Brain

Autonomic & Peripheral Neural Recording and Stimulation




  • 7/21 - Check out the latest research in which members of the SONIC and TESSLab collaborated with members of the University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers University- New Brunswick! The research, led by scientists at Rutgers, focused on developing new devices for rapid, low-volume testing of cortisol concentrations. This fantastic project show a promising platform for real-time, point-of-care testing. The research made it to the cover of Science Advances magazine.
  • 4/21 - Congratulations to Abby Heiller for receiving the MnDRIVE Graduate Fellowship in Neuromodulation for her research in Enhanced Hearing technologies!
  • 12/20 - An incredible podcast episode on Skraps with Arun Sridhar and JoJo Platt interviewing Dr. Lim on his career pathway since undergraduate to his current faculty. They touch on different projects, personal experiences, and lots of interesting topics!
  • 12/20 - Listen to Dr. Lim talk with the American Tinnitus Association on their podcast about the recent bimodal sound and tongue stimulation for tinnitus that was published in Science Translational Medicine. 
  • 11/20 - Check out the highlights for the tinnitus trestment research in JAMA and Nature Med!
  • 10/20 - See and hear Dr. Lim discussing with David Stockdale, Chief Executive of British Tinnitus Association, about the tinnitus treatment results using bimodal neuromodulation with sound and tongue stimulation that was recently published in Science Translational Medicine.
  • 10/20 - Check out the latest translational research by many key leaders in the tinnitus field together with Dr. Hubert Lim through his involvement with Neuromod Devices that was featured in the cover of Science Translational Medicine for their recent publication (paper). The paper describes the largest and longest follow-up clinical study for a medical device that treats tinnitus, which uses  bimodal neuromodulation combining sound and tongue stimulation. The SONIC lab dedicated many years in pre-clinical animal research on bimodal neuromodulation to help push this concept to human studies. Excited to see the press coverage of the work, including in the Science podcast, Hearing Health Matters, MedTech News, Neuro News, Pharmaceutical Daily, Wall Street OnlineScientific American, Science Magazine, New Scientist, and IEEE Spectrum.