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Hubert H. Lim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Institute for Translational Neuroscience Scholar

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Director of SONIC Lab


Chief Scientific Officer

Neuromod Devices Limited - link

Dublin, Ireland


Chief Scientific Officer

SecondWave Systems - link

Minneapolis, Minnesota



The goal of the lab is to push the development and translation of neural interfaces and medical technologies from scientific concept into clinical application with close collaboration with clinicians and industry. Initial medical applications focus on treating hearing loss, tinnitus and pain. We utilize a range of invasive and noninvasive technologies and approaches including electrical stimulation, ultrasound imaging and stimulation, EEG, and invasive neural recordings in animals and humans to rapidly push technology into the clinical and consumer realm. All projects in the lab follow the translational process depicted in the schematic below. The lab consists of both animal facilities and human testing space to perform proof-of-concept experiments that can then be developed and tested in pilot human studies, followed by further scientific and translational research to achieve confirmatory clinical trials and commercialization.


The SONIC Lab is pursuing a range of neural engineering and clinical topics. Please click on the images below for further details on each project.

Please click on research image for further details

AMI_main page Dan_GIF msync_sim

Central Auditory Prostheses

Neural Beamforming for Tinnitus

Enhanced Hearing Aid in Humans

Dan_MainPage Hongsun_MainPage Hearing_MainPage_still

Neuromodulation of Inflammation and the Immune System

Ultrasound Modulation of Brain and Nerves

New Hearing Technologies

decoding_gif Sommat_MainPage Yang_MainPage

Encoding-Decoding Neural Activity of the Auditory System

Mapping Cross-Sensory Coding of the Brain

Autonomic & Peripheral Neural Recording and Stimulation



  • 10/20 - Check out the latest translational research by many key leaders in the tinnitus field together with Dr. Hubert Lim through his involvement with Neuromod Devices that was featured in the cover of Science Translational Medicine for their recent publication (paper). The paper describes the largest and longest follow-up clinical study for a medical device that treats tinnitus, which uses  bimodal neuromodulation combining sound and tongue stimulation. The SONIC lab dedicated many years in pre-clinical animal research on bimodal neuromodulation to help push this concept to human studies. Excited to see the press coverage of the work, including in the Science podcast, Hearing Health Matters, MedTech News, Neuro News, Pharmaceutical Daily, Wall Street OnlineScientific American, Science Magazine, New Scientist, and IEEE Spectrum.  

  • 07/20 - Incredible new paper coming from our lab that has recently been submitted for publication. Checkout this preprint on using ultrasound to reduce inflammation, and potentially use this technology for the treatment of COVID-19.
  • 06/20 - Research between SONIC Lab and SecondWave Systems may prove effective in a noninvasive treatment for COVID-19. Check out an exciting article on how the SONIC Lab is helping combat the pandemic. 
  • 03/20 - Congratulations to our lab members Indy Sondh and Abby Heiller for both being awarded the NRT Training Fellowship! This incredible opportunity will allow them to collaborate with members from a large community in the field of sensory loss.
  • 03/20 - Check out this incredible bio from the College of Science and Engineering of Claire Kaiser! The article highlights Claire's experience as a grad student while working with SecondWave.