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 Hubert H. Lim, Ph.D.                                                                                                          Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering                                                            Director of SONIC Lab

The goal of the lab is to push the development and translation of brain-machine interfaces from scientific concept into clinical application with close collaboration with clinicians and industry. We utlize a range of techniques including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, EEG, and invasive recordings to rapidly push technology into the consumer realm. Our lab's expertise spans from animal electrophysiology studies to conducting clinical trials.

The projects currently being pursued by the SONIC Lab consist of a range of topics:


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Ultrasound Modulation of Brain and Nerve Structures

Neuromodulation of Inflammation and the Immune System

Novel Modalities for the Treatment of Hearing Loss

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Neural Beamforming

Mapping Sommatosensory Inputs to the Inferior Colliculus

Autonomic & Peripheral Neural Recording and Neuromodulation


Beamforming for the Treatment of Tinnitus

Decoding Neural Activity of the Auditory System

Auditory Midbrain Implant



  • We welcome two new members to the SONIC lab, Abby Heiller and Claire Kaiser!


  • In collaboration with members of Medtronic, the SONIC lab has submitted an exciting new paper highlighting the effects of ultrasound on the auditory system. Stay tuned!